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Setting Up Geographic Location Restrictions

Click on View All Time Off Request. Notice that the hours are now displaying properly for Wednesday and we no longer have a flag on the timecard. Once you rename your custom PTO plan and select Next the set up would be the same as to how you previously set up your other PTO plans.

To manage pending time off requests, head back to the Things to Do tile and click on the arrow to the right of Time Off Requests. 15. This is the Location Violation Trends tile. If your employees are using the mobile application, you could see if they clocked in or out too far from work. 11.

From the edit icon you will be able to change amount and change how the employee accrues- carry over and reset. Lastly, you can also add in unavailability for an employee if they are unable to be scheduled on specific days. This prevents situations where employees are accidentally scheduled when they can’t work. To add unavailability, click the plus.

  1. If your business has an exemption for certain overtime policies, you can turn off an individual policy by toggling the buttons here.
  2. A signature line is automatically generated if you need to have the employee sign and date the timecards for your records.
  3. After a short period, you will see a Welcome to ADP Time screen.
  4. This lets you stay on top of that and adjust your schedules if needed.
  5. You can customize the productivity ratings of websites and apps for different individuals and teams.

The app uses the time data to create employee time cards for managers to approve or edit. It also uses this data to generate payroll. If you are required to take a meal break during the day, make sure you’re tapping on the start meal break button when you leave for your break.

Click the Action icon (down arrow) to the right of the employee’s name and select Time Tracking. In Addition, you will be able to search for a co-worker and request will be sent to manager for approval. If you need to add unavailability, you can select My Unavailability. If you need to view previous or next week’s schedules Select Previous of Next Arrows. Once you are ready to print the timecard, you can print each employees’ timecards on the right-hand side.

After clicking next you will be able to choose if the hours carry over or if they are cleared. This will take you to the Quick Shifts Management screen. You can add a new Quick Shift by clicking on Create. To get to the Scheduling Page Log in to RUN and click the Time button on the left-hand side then click on Team Schedule. If your state has meal or break policies, they will appear below. If your business has an exemption for certain overtime policies, you can turn off an individual policy by toggling the buttons here.

Time tracker by eBillity

Then clock back in by tapping the start work button when your break is finished. The next tile is the Pay Code Summary. This breaks the hours down by regular hours, overtime hours, missed meal break awards, and things like holidays and vacation. You can edit the Quick Shift by clicking on the pencil icon or you can add additional quick shifts by clicking on create.

On the web app

These are the links to everything to do with Time. If you need to add time off manually for your employees, you can click Team Time Off. This comes especially handy for adding in sick time for your employees.

Mobile Apps

Uncheck the box and click Next. The next section will allow you to choose how you handle carryover. Hit Next once done. Here we can choose how the PTO Accrues. In this example, we are using Annual Allowance for Salary employees.

ADP Mobile Solutions allows employees immediate
access to their Time and Attendance solutions. This allows you to track employee time better and prevent employees from punching in too early or from unauthorized locations. Time Doctor can detect keyboard and mouse activity to track employees’ idle time. The app also calculates the percentage of idle-time an employee has tracked in a given period. This can give managers an idea of employee productivity during work hours.

If an employee doesn’t claim the shift before the expiration date, the shift will delete itself. After all the information is entered, click Next. To see the copied schedule, click on the arrow in the top left to go to the next week.

Here you’ll find videos and guides to walk you and your employees through set up and different features of our products, as well as demos. can adp track where you clock in Not an ADP Client? Click here. When I Work captures the user’s location upon clock in and clock out if location restrictions are enabled.

And then an approval will be sent to your manager. Once you’ve clocked in the screen will now display your clocking information and provide you with updated options. Finally, to add punches to an existing day, click on the day to open the edit screen, then click on add entry.

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